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Handicap I

Handicap I
Handicap I
Handicap I
Handicap I
Handicap I

Handicap I, 1994

Silver nitrate/Acryl emulsion on Linnen.
200 x 360 cm, 79"x 142" inches.
Cat nr: SEG-94-0000-255.
© 1994, The Artist, courtesy Ed Gebski Studio, Amsterdam.

Private collection, Ghent, Belgium.

Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, [October-November 1994].
Prix De Rome 1994, Arti et Amicitiae, The Netherlands, [November 1994].
ABN AMRO art collection, The Netherlands.

Prix De Rome 1994, isbn: 90-6450-213-7.
Lucette Ter Borg, NRC Handelsblad,1994.
ABN-AMRO, A Collection: Selected works from the collectiom of ABN AMRO Bank, isbn: 90-802677-1-6, 1995.
Dominic van Den Boogerd, De mentale ruimte van de Prix De Rome, [HP- De Tijd, p 66 - 70, 09- 23-1994].
Wilma Sütö, De Volkskrant 1994.
Arti et Amicitiae, De maatschappij, [ Januari 1995].
Pietje Tegenbosch, Het Parool. [Novermber 1994].
Hans den Hartog Jager, MDCCCVIII - MMVIII200 Jaar Prix De Rome, Nieuw Amsterdam November 2008.

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