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Hesperia (R2), 2019

Hesperia (R2), 2019
Hesperia (R2), 2019

Hesperia (R2), 2019

tching printed on Lanaroyal mould made 250 gr. (Off White Paper).
Image: 11,8 x 9,4 inches, 29,9 x 23,9 cm.
  15,8 x 10,9 inches, 40 x 27,8 cm.

Inverse etching Black. Unframed
Signed in pencil, lower left "EG. 2019".


This work includes a certificate of authenticity, no: SEG-19-0AP1-946

Price incl. VAT (9%). Shipping Cost: € 60,00 domestic only.

This is a unique work.

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© 2019, The Artist, courtesy Ed Gebski Studio Amsterdam.

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