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Untitled (Shadow), 1998

Untitled (Shadow), 1998
Untitled (Shadow), 1998

Untitled (Shadow), 1998

Silver nitrate/Acryl emulsion on Linnen.
143 x 115 cm, 56"x 45" inches.
Cat nr: SEG-98-0000-249.
© 1998, The Artist, courtesy Ed Gebski Studio, Amsterdam.

Cees and Inge de Bruin-Heijn collection, Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Het Zwarte Licht, Ed Gebski, Galerie Loerakker, Keizersgracht 380, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [oktober 10 - november 7, 1998].

P, Tegenbosch, Tony Burret, Het Zwarte Licht. Amsterdam, 1998, p. 12, 28-29.

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