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Molly and Sisa (Grapes)

Molly and Sisa (Grapes), 2020
Molly and Sisa (Grapes), 2020
Molly And Sisa

In Focus viewing room


Fear and Desire

From the Grapes suite, Molly and Sisa is not only a direct reference to the drug Moly and Sisa, but also to the Odyssey.

Here Hermes gave μῶλυ, Moly (Molly) to Odysseus to protect him from Circe's wizardry when he went to her palace to save his friends.

The inexplicable and the measurable, fear and desire are part of an empire where everything we do has the potential to create both horror and beauty. Virtually available for viewing from anywhere in the world.

Molly and Sisa (Grapes), 2020

Etching printed on Lanaroyal mould made 250 gr. (Off White Paper).
Image: 12 x 9 inches, 29,5 x 24 cm.
Sheet: 16 x 11 inches, 39,6 x 28 cm.

Original work created in edition of 50 by the artist Ed Gebski. Unframed.

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